Some of the Victims

Much of the British legacy in Bahrain has been evident in the security apparatus. As mentioned on this website, a number of Bahrainis have been directly tortured by British officials during the first half of the 1900s. In 1954 and 1956, Bahrain’s British-led police killed around five different people. In 1965, Bahrain’s British led police force was responsible for killing at least six people with Greener guns (Riot Guns). From 1971 – 1990, British citizens had a significant role in the police. In 1975 there were at least 17 British police officers in the Bahrain police. This included the head of Police, Jim Bell, and the head of Special Branch, Ian Henderson. During this time, numerous Bahrainis were killed both inside and outside custody, often as a result of torture. To this day, no law enforcement official has been held accountable for torture, despite low level prosecutions since 2011 for manslaughter, or other charges. Click the image below to see them. (The list will be updated over time).