A year working with a Bahraini news team

by Kirby Welcker

During my year abroad in London I worked with a Bahraini team at a news agency. It was the first time I had met someone from Bahrain and soon learned a lot about what is going on in their country. Even though I had read a lot about the Arab Spring- it was the first time I learned about scale of brutalities going on in Bahrain. I couldn’t believe that nobody was talking about these injustices, especially in the country I lived in that has such strong ties to it. It really says a lot about the biased foreign policy debate we are confronted with on a daily basis.

This fight between the people and the regime needs the attention it deserves. Too many people have sacrificed too much for rights that we here in Europe take for granted. I adore and respect the perseverance and dedication of the Bahraini people who I hope one day will have their voices heard.

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