An Illusion of Friendship Shattered

by an Anonymous Bahraini

I have Bahraini and British blood, and have lived in both countries and I love both of them. Since I was a kid,  I was always finding in newspapers and magazines articles about how England is celebrating with the tiny island of Bahrain. At first I thought England took over Bahrain for years and years, and now realize that they made mistakes in the past but that they want a better future for the Kingdom.

Then came the Arab spring and most of us were happy, changes were coming and we were shouting for freedom. I thought the British government would  respond due to their strong relationship, but they decided to keep quiet at the start. I then found out not only that they were supporting the Bahraini government in all there bloody actions, but that they are also supporting Bahrain and Saudi forces with armored vehicles and some weapons including assault rifles, explosives, pistols, naval guns and sniper rifles. All this by signing a $66 million with Bahrain for military and dual-use exports !

Now this is an aspect of the relationship you won’t read about much in our newspapers.

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